Do you know who's buying your book?

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Chocolate Readings is a boutique literary and branding firm. We help aspiring authors write & publish their books with ease. We aim to teach first-time authors how to take control of their literary journey by teaching them how to publish their books and build their author brands from scratch - without breaking the bank.

Whether you hire us to edit or publish your book, build your author brand, or enroll in one of our trainings to learn how to launch your book or build your brand, you'll walk away having a deeper understanding of what it means to be a successful author. 

After working with us, authors are equipped to sell their books to the right readers, as well as use their book content to create a profitable brand by launching successful speaking and coaching platforms. 


How Can We Help You?

Who's Buying Your Book?


Most authors don't struggle with sales because they're book sucks or the cover is trash. Most authors struggle with sales because they haven't done the one thing to help them easily connect with the right readers: they haven't narrowed down their target audience.

See, no matter how good your book is, it won't be for everybody so you have to make the effort to get to know your audience before you ask them to buy your book.

In my free workbook, Reader Avatar, I show you exactly how to create a profile of the perfect person to read your book. This is the first step to learning how to effectively market your book so that you can increase book sales.

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