Chocolate Readings is a one-stop-shop to help aspiring and first-time authors write, publish, and market their books without breaking the bank. Here at Chocolate Readings, we strive to equip authors with tools, strategies, methods, and resources to increase your impact and income.

We offer various literary services, products, programs, and training sessions to meet your literary needs.

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The Chocolate Readings team hosts live workshops & online training sessions to teach aspiring authors how to successfully write,  publish, and sell their books to their ideal readers. Signature workshops and online training sessions include:

  • Writer's Flow. Learn how to turn your book idea into a manuscript that you can complete in 90 days or less.

  • Build, Launch, & Engage. Learn how to use your book to build a group coaching program or workshop curriculum. 

  • Author's Chat. Learn how to self-publish and sell your book like a pro.


Inquire here about booking a workshop or training.