Qualified to Reign Anthology

So many women struggle with finding their inner queen because of the past they’ve experienced. Life can be cruel, and people will make you feel as though you’re unworthy of receiving what God has created you to receive. We tend to forget that it’s our birthright to be successful, happy, and prosperous. In 1 Peter 2:9, the Bible tells us that we’re a part of a royal priesthood, chosen by God. Women tend to forget this because they’ve lost their crown. It’s time to get it back. Despite the journey you’ve gone through, sis, you’re STILL chosen by God and you’re STILL Qualified to Reign!

Qualified to Reign: Memoirs of a Resilient Queen will be a collection of stories written by women who have allowed God to mold them into a new vessel, remove their residue, and position them on their own God-ordained thrones. Every woman has a past, and a divine assignment. It’s our responsibility to heal, grow, and evolve into the woman capable of sitting on her throne.

Each contributing writer will share her experience of hitting rock bottom, seeking God for healing, and becoming the woman she was created to be. Readers will learn that like the contributing writer, that their past does not disqualify them from experiencing the fullness of God.

Who is this opportunity for?

  • Women who have hit rock bottom, but have found their way back to the top

  • Women who've felt defeated, but have learned how to win again

  • Women who have learned that their past struggles does not define who they become in the future

  • Women who know that God still qualified them to succeed in spite of what she's experienced in her life


What to expect if you join this project.

Each contributing author will contribute a story that does not exceed 3,000 words. Your story should include:

  • A situation that left you feeling broken, or shifted the trajectory of your life

  • How God played a role in your life during the moment

  • When/how you decided that you wanted better

  • Tips and strategies that readers can easily implement into their own lives

This is a great opportunity for women who want to use their story to build a speaking platform. If you are ready to finally tell your story and become a published author, sign up below to learn more details about this project and learn if it's a good fit for you.

Deadline to sign up is Friday, 9/13/2019. 

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