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Who is Ashlee Akins? 


That is SUCH a loaded question! 


Most people will say, “She tried out for the Falcons and didn’t make it.” or “She’s the girl from the first season of Ready to Love.” or “That’s the one girl with that one song” or “She’s the one who left that one guy hanging when he got sick.”


Yeah, yeah, yeah…


While SOME of those things may be true, those things are not who I am. I’ve let the world form their opinion of me based on my success as an athlete, singer, and Reality Star, but now I’m ready to share with you exactly who I am, in true Ashlee fashion. Now, I can tell you who I am, but wouldn’t it be more fun to take a mental ride and learn who I am for yourself?


In my second book, Authentically Ashlee, I’m finally ready to let the world in on who I truly am off the field and off the camera. I’m not sparing anyone’s feelings. I’m transparently sharing my truth in the most unapologetic way. This book isn’t just about my rise to fame, but it’s also about watching my dream dismantle in front of my eyes and how I was able to bounce back after feeling defeated.


Sure, there’s some tea, but most importantly - it’s all me.  


Yes, I fell off… But I’m back again. And this time, I’m just being Ashlee. No athlete, no reality star, no singer. Just me, authentically...

Who Is Ashlee?

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Ashlee Akins is from the beautiful city of Jackson, Tennessee. Throughout her school life, she continued to participate in extracurricular activities and always seemed to stand out. Ashlee knew that her life would soon take a turn for the best she was just patiently waiting. 

As time progressed, Ashlee obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology and is currently working as a Speech Therapist. Ashlee’s personality just doesn’t stop right there. Moving to the amazing land of opportunities, Atlanta was the best decision for Ashlee. She went on to become a finalist for the Falcon Cheerleaders twice, a semi-finalist for the Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders, appeared in music videos, acting roles in short independent films, and modeling. 


The time came this past summer for her to embark on the new journey of reality TV, staring in Will Packer’s Ready to Love, on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Ashlee was able to conquer elimination and has successfully found love in her cast-mate and now best friend, Alexx. 2019 has begun, and Ashlee has been working and planning for life with Alexx, and reaching her goals through her new women’s empowerment brand, AA Dimensions.

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Authentically Ashlee will be available on February 26, 2021

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