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Turn Your Book Into A Brand

3-Day Challenge for Authors

You experienced the lesson.


You wrote a book about it.


Now you’re ready to TEACH it.


If you’re an author with a published, nonfiction book I want to teach you how to use your book to build an impactful (and lucrative) brand.


Hey there! My name is Jessica LeeAnn and I LOVE teaching published authors how to monetize their message by using their book to create a signature brand. After publishing 15 books and 5 of them being bestsellers, it took me a while to figure out how to translate my success as an author to making money. After book #7, I realized that I STILL wasn’t making the money I WANTED to make from my books and THAT’S because I was missing a very important element: a Brand.


Here’s the deal: without a brand, you will NOT master selling books. Why? Because your brand is the introduction to your book. Your brand is your voice and if you want to be heard, you have to SAY the RIGHT things. Basically, if you don’t have a brand you won’t generate sales outside of family and friends.


And I KNOW you didn’t write a book for your family and friends.


So let’s level this author thing ALL the way UP by creating and launching a brand that not only promotes your book but builds awareness for your author platform. Give me 3 days and I’ll get ya on the right track to get you started.


I want to invite you to join my FREE 3-day challenge to help you get motivated. Turn Your Book Into A Brand is exactly what you need to get EXCITED about building your author brand. We’ll start on Tuesday, September 1st, and wrap up on Thursday, September 3rd. Each night we’ll meet inside the Chocolate Readings Author Accountability group at 7 PM CST to deep dive into the lesson of the day. 


So, who is this challenge for?

  • Authors with a nonfiction book that includes a proven method of how to overcome a specific obstacle 

  • Authors who desire to launch a signature coaching program using the content from their book 

  • Authors who want to increase their literary coins using their book content 

  • Authors who want to bring more awareness to their book 


Now you know WHO it’s for, let’s talk about WHAT we’ll be doing.

Day 1 

We’re going to clearly Define Your Brand Message 

Day 2


We’re going to Choose Your Signature Topic 

Day 3


You’ll learn how to Pitch Your Program 

Listen! I am NOT holding back in this challenge! You excited yet??? I hope so! Because this challenge is going to be FIRE!


Go ahead and sign up below so you can save your spot and join the group where the challenge will be held.

About Your Trainer

Jessica LeeAnn is a bestselling author, coach, and brand strategist. To date, Jessica has helped over 200 authors write and publish their books, build their author brands, and turn their books into curriculums. 

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