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Branding is by far one of the most instrumental aspects of having a successful author platform.  I always tell my clients, "no brand, no book sales." And it's true. That's because branding is the magnet that draws the right readers to your platform. 

Not the readers who only want to read free excerpts. But the readers who are eager to read whatever you write - books, ebooks, blogs; whatever! They're just your kinda people.

Having an author brand will attract the readers to your platform who enjoys your content, connects with your message, and is eager to pay for your books. These are the readers who brag about how great your book is and tags you on IG because they just have to let everyone they're connected to know about your book.

These are they kinds of readers you want, right?

Right! And to build this type of tribe, you'll need a unique author brand. 

Now, most first-time authors skip this process because brand development can be a little pricey. Trust me, as a single mom I know about doing things on a budget. That's how I build my author brand - on a budget! And I want to show you how to create your own author brand from scratch without having to spend all of your coins too.

In my new masterclass, Build Your Author Brand, I'll show you the exact steps that I implemented to build my 6-figure author brand. On Saturday, October 3rd, 2020, I'll walk you through how to:

  • Develop a unique and catchy brand message

  • Clearly decide on who you'll market your book to

  • Create your own professional branded graphics

  • Design your own author website (don't be intimidated! It's super easy I promise!)

  • Comfortably connect with your target audience on social media

  • Introduce your new author brand to the world!

Who is this masterclass for?

  • Authors who are serious about their platform.

  • Authors who want to increase their book sales.

  • Authors who want to monetize their book content.

  • Authors who are ready to build their own brand without breaking the bank.

When will Build Your Author Brand Masterclass start?

Saturday, October 3rd, 2020


Live on Zoom

*All attendees will receive access to the replay

When you sign up for the Build Your Author Brand Masterclass, you'll get:

  • Access to Live training session hosted on Zoom

  • Access to Replay of Live training

  • Build Your Author Brand training guide

  • Authorpreneurship 101 ebook

Your investment: $97


About Your Trainer

Jessica LeeAnn is a Bestselling Author, Editor, Self-Publishing Consultant, and Brand Strategist.  Jessica has been writing for over 15 years and has published 15 books.

While she enjoys writing her own books, she's more passionate about teaching aspiring authors how to successfully write and publish their books, as well as build their signature and unique author brands from scratch. 

To date, Jessica has worked with over 200 authors.

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