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Authorpreneurship 101 is a how-to guide that teaches aspiring authors how to turn their book idea into a manuscript in 90 days or less. This informative read also teaches self-published authors the fundamentals of building a brand and successfully marketing their book.

This book is for you if:

  • You have a GREAT concept for a book but are struggling with turning your ideas into content

  • You've written your book but are unsure of the next steps to take to get your book published

  • You've published your book (whoop, whoop!) but you're struggling with book sales

  • You have no clue about branding or marketing and need some standard strategies to help you position your platform in front of the right readers

Authorpreneurship 101 is the PERFECT resource for individuals who want to learn the ropes of being an author but not quite ready to hire a coach. Filled with resources, tips, and strategies that can be easily implemented, any author in the beginning stages will feel equipped and ready to launch their book or author platform like a pro! 


See what other authors had to say about Authorpreneurship 101:

"This book was well written, relatable and on time. I wish I had it before I wrote and launched my 1st book. Jessica LeeAnn has a way of breaking it down in a very simple, sometimes humourous way. You can feel the passion as you read each page. Very informative, knowledgeable and helpful. A must read for new and aspiring authors!!"

"This book is a total gem! Not only did I learn how to discipline myself during the process, but I learned how to conquer content without becoming overwhelmed. Every author should invest in this valuable tool."

"Jessica LeeAnn broke down the entire process from writing a book to launching it. Her advice and tips were clear, easy to understand and practical. This is a perfect read for new and aspiring authors!"

"If you're completely new to the idea of becoming an author and you need a resource to break things down for you; a good resource for a beginning author who needs to weigh and consider the various options available to them at the outset."

"This book is a good choice for one who is embarking on a writing career. It guides the reader from the beginning of the writing process through editing, launching, and marketing of the product."

"This is a must read book for every up and coming author or published authors looking for a fresh read to guide you to sharpen your vision for your next masterpiece. Jessica’s book offers a plethora of wisdom to equip authors to rock! Her book includes information from book writing to branding to publishing. This is a very well written, easy to read book that should be in the library of every author."

















Because you're my Literary Homie, I couldn't leave you hanging about what to do after reading Authorpreneurship 101. In addition to receiving a digital copy of my bestselling book, you will also receive the following resources to help you with your author journey:

  • Book Writing for Beginners (You'll have ZERO excuses for not writing your book!)

  • Branding for Authors (This guide is a GAME-CHANGER for first-time authors!)

  • Book Marketing 101 (Now THIS resource is EVERYTHING you need to succeed!) 

Now that you'll have these AMAZING tools at your fingertips let's write, publish, and sell your book like a pro!

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