I Wrote the Book... Now What?

So, you wrote the book and you're ready to get your book into the hands of your ideal readers.... but you have NO clue what to do. You've Googled, joined mailing lists, followed the literary guru's on Instagram and you still feel like you don't know what next step to take.... 


Keep reading, I got ya covered!

As an aspiring author, learning what to do to become a published author can be overwhelming. Without the right guidance, the process can become frustrating and make you want to give up. And although it may be your first book, you don't want to look like an amateur. Trust me! I get it! Know that there's a better way.

I want to share with you the 5 steps that you need to take before launching your book to the public like a pro. These steps have helped the successful authors you see on your timeline, and will definitely help you, too.

I've launched 15 of my own books, and have taught over 100 authors to date the process of becoming an author using these 5 steps, and I want to teach you, too. 

If you've said to yourself, "I wrote the book, now what?" I have the answers for you. 

Join me for a Live convo on Zoom about what you need to do after you're done (or almost done) writing your book. 

Can't make it Live? No worries! There will be a replay (but ya gotta sign up to receive the replay link).

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