Book Launch 101 Masterclass

Are you an aspiring author who wants to learn the step-by-step process to launch your self-published book like a pro?


Then you’re in the right spot!

Have you ever wondered how self-published authors get reviews on Amazon and Kindle during the first week of their launch?

Do you think about how you'll get book sales as a first-time author from readers outside of your family, circle of friends, and co-workers?


Know how these first-time authors make it happen? With three words: Book Launch Team!

Yep, when an author (new or seasoned) has a book launch team, chances of having a successful launch is much higher. The Book Launch 101 Masterclass will show you how you too can achieve success as a self-published author every single time you launch a new book.

Ready to learn this marketing technique that traditional and successful self-published authors use? Keep reading! 

So, what is this Book Launch 101 Masterclass all about?

Book Launch 101 Masterclass is an interactive training that provides self-published authors with a book marketing technique to help you successfully launch your book. There are so many ins and outs, twists and turns when it comes to marketing and promoting your own book, and I’ll be teaching you strategies to get around the nuisances that comes with marketing and promoting your book. During this interactive masterclass, you will learn:

  • Why you need a book launch team

  • How to recruit people to join your team 

  • How to communicate with your launch team

  • Incentives to offer your launch team

  • Book launch tools that will help you promote your book

  • How to get certified book reviews before your book is launched

  • How to properly promote your book to your ideal readers

  • And much more!


​Book Launch 101 is for you if:

  • You're not quite sure where to start the book marketing and promotion process

  • You want to learn a proven method to get book reviews

  • You want to learn how to reach more potential readers without spending all your literary coins

  • You want to promote your book before it's published


If you know that you want to have an impactful and profitable literary career, then Book Launch 101 is the perfect training for you. Here’s what you get when you join the masterclass:

  • Training manual

  • Literary resources

  • Authorpreneurship 101 e-book

  • Book Marketing 101 workbook

  • Access to private Facebook Author Accountability Group



Here’s the deal: I want to make sure that after you take this masterclass, you have the confidence and the skills to step into the literary game like a pro! As you can see, I won’t be holding anything back. With the live, hands-on training and resources, I have no doubt you’ll be ready to launch your book like a pro!

Book Launch 101 Masterclass is in session on September 26, 2019 @ 7PM CST

Your investment: $49

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