Authorpreneurship 101

Write, Publish, & Sell Your Book Like a Pro

How-to Guide for Aspiring & New Authors

Authorpreneurship 101 was written to teach aspiring and new authors how to successfully write, publish, and sell their book to their target readers without spending all of their coins. This how-to guide gives you step-by-step instructions to help you become a successful author in as little as 90 days. After reading this book and applying the practical tips provided, you will know how to:

  • Write your book in 90 days or less with the proven method I teach my clients

  • Start the self-publishing process so that your book on Kindle Direct to be distributed on Amazon, Kindle, and other online retailers

  • Identify and connect with your ideal readers

  • Build an authentic and impactful author brand from scratch


This easy-to-read guide will give you all of the literary techniques, tools, and tips to teach you how to become the successful author you dream of. You’ll have all the necessary resources and strategies to write an impactful book, launch your book on a budget, and build a brand that you can position in front of the right people. And most importantly: the blueprint to sell books!

Who is Authorpreneurship 101 for?

While anyone who is in the literary industry can learn a thing or two after reading this book, I have to admit I wrote this book for a specific group of people. So, who can exactly benefit from reading Authorpreneurship 101? This book is for you if :

  • You have a great book concept but aren't quite sure how to start

  • You want a deeper understanding of what it means to self-publish

  • You want a proven formula to help you write your book in 90 days

  • You want to learn the four different ways to publish your book

  • You recently self-published your book and want to learn how to increase sales

  • You want to use your book to build a speaking or coaching platform

  • You want to learn how to build your brand as an author from scratch


Filled with exercises, resources, tips, and strategies to teach you how to pursue your dream as an author like a pro, Authorpreneurship 101 will not disappoint! 

Here's what readers are saying about Authorpreneurship 101:

"Make this the year that you get that book you’ve been wanting to write out of your brain and onto the bookstore shelves--and do it with Authorpreneurship 101 by Jessica LeeAnn.  In a conversational tone and with relatable examples, Jessica takes you step-by-step through the self-publishing process.  In “Creating An Outline” the second chapter, the charts, lists and other tools she provides to facilitate the desired action of writing are invaluable—and key. Authorpreneurship 101 is a highly recommended guide to self-publishing."

"When I was writing my book, I thought of all of these ways to market it but I didn't have a blueprint to follow. Jessica has created an A-MAZING blueprint to getting your book noticed. I can't wait to use this step-by-step guide when launching my own project.."

"I just read it. OMG you gave ALOT of good nuggets. This book is going to help a lot of authors become successful. They need to follow this blueprint.."

"If the thought of sitting down and actually writing that book you’ve always wanted to write makes you feel overwhelmed, then Authorpreneurship 101 is a must-read. Chapter Three, “Prepare for Publishing” is a gem in itself.  In it, Jessica shares tips and information that, in her words, “will save you time, stress, frustration and your coins.”  Authorpreneurship 101 will help you to keep your eyes on the prize.."

"Jessica hits the nail on the head with this one. Becoming a self-published author is extremely rewarding however, many authors feel overwhelmed with just the simple thought. Jessica lays out the blueprint for both new and seasoned authors to follow. I will most certainly recommend this book to my clients and keep a personal copy just for myself."

E-book - $10

Paperback - $20

*Bonus Alert! Once you place your order, you'll receive a digital copy of my signature workbook Author Brand Development.  It's a great tool to use as you're reading Authorpreneurship 101! 

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