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Hey Literary Homies!

Okay, so I know firsthand just how exciting writing a book can be. You've gone through the process of creating an outline, sticking to your writing schedule, and then BOOM! You're manuscript is finished. Now you're ready to publish your book and get some sales!

I have a one question for you....


Does the group of people that would be most interested in your book know about you yet?

See, before you take that leap into the publishing world, you need to do one key thing: build your author brand.

Why does an author need a brand? Because without a brand, your readers will never know that you exist and that you wrote a great book just for them. You're probably thinking, "What in the world IS a brand?" 

No worries! I got you covered! Branding Bootcamp for Authors is going to teach you exactly what it means to have a brand as an author AND how to get started. 

Branding Bootcamp for Authors

For three days starting August 26th, we'll discuss how to develop and strategically launch your author brand without you having to spend all of your coins. Each day, you'll receive an email featuring the lesson of the day. You'll also get access to the Branding Bootcamp exclusive Facebook page so that we can have a live discussion about the material you've studied.


This is a very interactive training! You will definitely leave this bootcamp with tangible results, a deeper understanding of branding, and a new level of confidence as a new author. Not to mention some great resources to keep you focused after the bootcamp is over. Here's what you can expect each day when you sign up:

Day 1

We'll get down to the nitty gritty of what it actually mean to have a brand and how it applies to you as an author.

Day 2

We'll craft a unique and catchy branding message that you will use to market and promote your upcoming (or new) book release.

Day 3

We'll create a plan of action to help you easily & effortlessly connect with your target readers. 

Here's what you get when you join Branding Bootcamp for Authors.

+ Interactive workbook with strategies, and techniques that you can easily & quickly implement. 

+ Live coaching sessions each night at 8PM CST

+ Access to exclusive Facebook group

+ Templates, resources, & checklists

+ Authorpreneurship 101 ebook

It's time to get that brand developed and launched so you can connect with your readers.

See, before you can launch a book, you have to make sure that the people you wrote the book for know who you are, and that you wrote a book tailored to their wants and/or needs. You have to build a rapport and a genuine connection with them before you launch your book - you do this through having an author brand.

If you want to have long-term success as an author, you need to build your brand. Without that connection to your future readers, you'll have a lackluster book launch and will beat yourself up. You can avoid that by working on your brand diligently before publishing your book.

So what do you say Literary Homie, are you ready to join the Branding Bootcamp for Authors training? Sign up below! Bootcamp starts August 26th!!!


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