Editing Services

One of the steps in the publishing process that you do not want to skip is the editing stage. This is by far the most important part. An editor's role is to comb through your manuscript to catch errors, as well as to ensure that your content is cohesive, concise, and consistent. 


There are four phases of editing that takes place that your manuscript will go through after it's in our hands. See below for the description of each phase.

Developmental Editing  

This form of editing is the most rigorous stage of revising your manuscript. It includes closely evaluating your entire manuscript and thoroughly reviewing the structure, organization, consistency of your content. This process includes removing and/or adding sentences; paragraphs being rephrased, reduced, or extended. Sections of your content may be moved from one section to another to ensure the flow of your manuscript is cohesive.

Copy Editing

This form of editing includes correcting your grammar, style, duplication, word usage, and verbiage. This style of editing is also known as line-by-line. It’s an intense review of your content. The purpose of this style of editing is to polish your content to produce a well-written manuscript.


This form of editing is required to shape your manuscript into a print-ready mode for publishing. It’s also known as interior layout. This is the finishing touches on your manuscript which transitions into a book during printing.


This form of editing is not as intense, but just as important. Proofreading detects minor errors such as grammar and style, capitalization, punctuation, spelling errors, and word usage.

Editorial Fees

Editing Fees is determined by your word count and genre. Please send your word count, book genre, and ETA for publishing here. You'll receive a response in 24-48 hours. 

Manuscript Assessment

Not quite ready for full editing services, but need your manuscript critiqued? We'll assess your manuscript so that you can know if you're moving in the right direction.

+ Thoroughly proofread your manuscript

+ Provide constructive, in-depth feedback to help you improve your content

+ Turn around time is 7-10 business days


Investment is $197


Jason Nicholson, Author

"You were very quick and concise so I'd really like to work with you again for part 2 and part 3. I see the little details you've added and I LOVE IT!! Very creative!! Thank You!"

TaShara Ramese, Author

"I could cry... The designs on the quotes are perfect exactly what I wanted."

Andrea Ball, Author

"First off, let me say that you are worth every penny. I can tell looking back that I was ready to be done with this book and it {was} lacking a LOT. Thank you for being such a dope editor. {You} are professional, timely, efficient, and patient. If you're writing a book, this is your girl!"

What's the Process?

Schedule your literary consultation and we'll discuss my editing process, turn around time as well as details of your contract.

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