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In her debut book, Famous Enough! Comedian and Actress Farah ‘Cocoa’ Brown takes readers on her journey from an insecure, people-pleasing young lady that created an alter ego for acceptance to the rebirth of a GROWN WOMAN. Known to the public as Cocoa, now she’s ready to introduce the world to the real her: Farah. And Farah has been through it all. From battling with insecurities and dealing with betrayal to struggling with healing from past traumas - she knows all too well what it’s like to yearn for a healthier and happier life. She’s done the work, and now she’s ready to enjoy the outcome, unapologetically.


In this unfiltered, brutally honest, and humorous reflection of her experiences, Farah is now ready to share the good, bad and ugly, that led to her finding the peaceful place where she is finally realizing that she has been “Famous Enough” all along.

Who Is Farah 'Cocoa' Brown?

Farah ‘Cocoa’ Brown is an accomplished actress, comedian, and Screen Actors Guild Award nominee. The Newport News, Virginia native assails her craft with such passion and soul-searching veracity. When she claims a stage, the ensuing act is nothing short of a force of nature.


In her debut book, Famous Enough! Farah transparently shares her journey to losing and rediscovering who she is in hopes to empower other women to do the same.

Famous Enough! will be available on Amazon & Kindle on August 31, 2021

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