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3-Day Challenge 

Hey Literary Homies!

So here’s what I learned from being an Author Coach for the last six years: the one goal ALL first-time authors have in common is they want to sell hella books and I’m here for it!


The issue they all have in common is they haven't taken the time to figure out how to make this happen. They become frustrated and give up on even mentioning their book at all. 


But it's a really good book.


And they want to sell this really good book.

But they don't know what to do or where to start or who can help them.

Does this sound like you? If so, I got you!

See, there are three key elements that need to be implemented for an author to consistently sell their book. Sure, it's dope to have a great sales day when the book is released, but don't you want to sell your book weeks, months, even years later without having to beg,  plead, or use paid ads?

Well, let me show you how.

In my new, free, 3-day challenge, Boost Your Book Sales I will give you the exact steps to make this happen.

This 3-day challenge is perfect for first-time authors, self-published authors struggling with sales, and accomplished authors whose book sales have dwindled. You'll discover three simple techniques to help you shift your book promotion plan and learn how to easily connect with your readers so you can quickly boost your book sales.

And if you're thinking, "Will this really work?"


Well, these strategies are tasks that I've implemented in my 13-year author journey as a bestselling author, as well as the clients I've coached, who are also bestselling authors. I'm more than confident that you'll learn a new technique (or three) that will be beneficial to you. 

Let's see what this challenge is all about!

boost your book sales 3-day challenge

Each day a new technique will be posted inside The Literary Homies Pod Facebook accountability group. At the end of each lesson, an exercise will be introduced and you’ll be instructed to share your homework on the thread of the day. 

Boost Your Book Sales 3-Day Challenge will start on Tuesday, June 1st, and will wrap up on Thursday, June 3rd. On Day 3, I’ll go Live inside the Facebook group to answer any questions about the challenge and to make sure you are on the right path to increasing your book sales and literary coins. 

Are you in need of a new strategy to promote your book for free.99?


I got you!


Sign up below so you can level up on those book sales.

You're IN!!