Jessica LeeAnn

Founder & CEO

Jessica LeeAnn is a Bestselling Author, Editor, Writing Coach. and Brand Strategist.  Jessica has been writing for over 15 years and has published 12 books - 3 of which are anthologies that she compiled and edited.

While she enjoys writing her own books, she's more passionate about teaching aspiring authors how to successfully write and publish their books, as well as build their signature and unique author brands from scratch. 

To date, Jessica has worked with over 200 authors.

Jessica's goal is to teach authors how to use their stories to write books that can transform, inspire, and empower their readers. She specializes in teaching authors how to successfully build speaking careers, host signature workshops, create digital products, and develop coaching programs using the content from their books.


Jessica is not only seasoned at what she does but also highly passionate about providing valuable content to the literary community.  


Ready to launch your book or brand?

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