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Are you ready to launch your first (or next) bestseller?

Launching a bestselling book isn’t as hard as one may think. Nope. It’s not. As long as you have the right steps, you too can be a bestselling author. All you have to do is...


Okay, wait. Before I tell you what to do, let me quickly introduce myself. 


Hi! My name is Jessica LeeAnn and I'm a 5x bestselling author. I’m also an Author Coach and have helped dozens of authors snag this accomplishment as well. 


Now, all you have to do to become a bestselling author is to create a marketing strategy that includes a proven method that ALL of your fav authors are using: developing a book launch team.


Well, that’s not all you have to do, but that’s a huge component. 


Since I understand how important it is to promote your book with ease, I want to share with you the book marketing strategies that have worked for me and my clients. And yes, this strategy will help you land on the top 100 bestseller lists for Amazon.


In my new course, Launch Your Bestseller, I’m giving you the blueprint to create a marketing strategy that will help you achieve your author's dream of having that title. I know it can be difficult doing things on your own, but this course makes it hella easy for you to understand what it means to be an author and how to make it happen without spending all of your coins.


Are you kinda interested in this course? 


There are several steps to make this happen, and the Launch Your Bestseller digital bundle includes interactive training videos and guides to ensure you have all the information and instruction needed to make this happen.


So, what’s all in the Launch Your Bestseller digital bundle?

  • Book Marketing 101 training video

  • Book Launch 101 training video

  • Branding for Authors training guide

  • Email templates to create promo content

  • Access to my media list to book interviews


Now that you know what you’ll get, here’s what you can expect:


  • You’ll learn how to build your book launch team for ultimate success

  • You’ll get immediate access to marketing templates and resources to promote your platform

  • You’ll get the secret sauce to becoming an Amazon bestselling author

  • You’ll get access to The Literary Homies Pod accountability group 


If you’re planning to launch your book within the next 90 days to 6 months, you need this course in your life. It’s a game changer and will no doubt push you into literary success.