Literary Packages


Need your manuscript polished & prepared for publishing? 


Do you have a powerful story to tell, but no time to write it yourself?

Becoming an author is a process. You'll need to make sure your manuscript is well-written and polished before it goes through the publishing phase, you'll need a book, and you'll need to know who to sell your book to, and how you'll make that happen.

I offer editing and book publishing services to ensure your book is ready to be distributed on Amazon, Kindle, and other online retailers. I also offer coaching sessions to help authors learn what it takes to become a professional and published author with ease. 



Are you an aspiring author who's ready to publish a book?

Writer's Flow

Do you aspire to become an author, but struggle with getting started?

Not sure which package or service is best for you? Schedule your complimentary 15 minute clarity chat today!

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