Media Kit for Authors

You took the time to write the book. You even took the extra step to publish the book. And it's a GREAT book.




There are hundreds of thousands of readers who have no clue your book exists. It's time to get some new readers! And you'll do that with your new Media Kit.


Every author should definitely have a branded Media Kit as one of their tools to market and promote their platform. It helps you stand out among the crowd when you are seeking speaking and interview opportunities. 

A Media Kit is a digital document containing information about your book and author brand. This is a tool that I've created for dozens of authors and it's helped them to:

  • Get interviews on radio shows, podcasts, and TV shows

  • Book speaking engagements

  • Secure sponsorships & partnerships

  • Find new readers to promote their book to 


To create a branded Media Kit, you'll need:

  • Author Bio
  • Professional photos

  • 3D images of the book cover

  • Book summary

  • Press Release

  • Q&A for interviewers

  • Book reviews

  • Signature events/workshop

  • Contact Info

See below of examples of a Media Kit.







































Are you ready to level up on your author journey by positioning your platform in front of your audience?


Order your Media Kit today.

The turnaround time to create and deliver your Media Kit is 5 business days.

Your Investment: $125. 

Okay, so how does this work?



Once you submit your payment, you will receive an email requesting the required documents to start your Media Kit. Questions? Shoot me an email.