3 Reasons Why You Should Partner with a Publishing Coach or Consultant

Publishing a book sounds all fun and exciting…. Until you realize you have NO clue what you’re doing. Even worse, you don’t even know how to find what you don’t know how to do. So now you’re frustrated and getting impatient because you’re ready to be this amazing author you dream about.

I’ve been there. In 2008 after I received my 10th or so rejection later, my cousin told me to try self-publishing. I was like, “Okay!” And set out to self-publish my book. The problem was I didn’t know everything that I needed to have in place to successfully publish a book. There wasn’t as much information back then to help me figure it out. So I did what any ambitious author would do: I did what I THOUGHT was right.

And I failed.

And wasted a LOT of money. (Those proof copies add up ya know!)

Finally, I broke down and hired a coach who was able to assist me with learning about the self-publishing industry. Was I found the resources that I needed, I was able to move along my journey faster because I had someone giving me the steps to take without me having to guess and fail.

Then I hired another coach.

My next coach taught me how to build my own coaching platform by helping other authors write and publish THEIR books. It was in that program that I learned about marketing, branding, and promotion and that took my platform to a new height.

Something I learned about being an author 7 books into my journey is that I need to have a quality book, a brand and a platform. I also need to know how to market myself as an author. It wasn’t until I stopped being cheap and hired a professional graphic designer that I saw an increase in sales because of my book cover. It wasn’t until I learned how to successfully develop a book launch campaign that I saw an increase in my readership. It wasn’t until I created a unique brand that I saw more doors of opportunities open up for me. And I didn’t know the importance of ANY of this until I hired a coach.

A Publishing Coach or Consultant will assist you step-by-step with the process of publishing your book. From editing, to book cover design and marketing strategies, having a Publishing Coach or Consultant will make the book publishing process smooth and effortless for you. Some will publish the book for you or assist you with the tools and resources that you’ll need to successfully publish your own book.

So! Here are 3 reasons why YOU should partner with a Publishing Coach or Consultant:

  • To learn a proven method to successfully launch your book

  • To get access to quality assistance such as Editing, Graphic Design, Book Marketing,

and PR campaigns

  • To have accountability, guidance, and support

I’m ALL for authors learning how to publish their book, but it doesn’t hurt to partner with someone who can show you the ropes and give you the support you’ll need. You may be an amateur author, but it doesn’t have to show. A Publishing Coach or Consultant will have you stepping into the literary world like a pro! Annnnd with the right support and guidance, you’ll get a chance to experience how fun it REALLY is to launch a new book.

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