3 Ways to Build a Buzz About Your Author Brand

Becoming a success in anything in life is a process, including being an author. One of my favorite phrases I’ve heard about entrepreneurship is, “Success leaves clues.” And this is very true! However! Most people skip over the clues because they believe it’s something hard to achieve. And it’s not. It’s definitely possible to have similar success when you know what to do.

Most first-time authors struggle with connecting with their target audience because they don’t have a plan of action. They attempt to wing it, rather than sitting down and creating a plan that makes sense for their brand AND their budget. You can definitely get your author platform poppin’ and get the exposure you need for your brand without feeling like you’ve wasted your time. You just need to be strategic. Here are 3 easy ways to build a buzz about your author brand:

+ Clearly identify who your ideal reader is.

+ Develop a signature branding message that’s relatable.

+ Invest in branding your platform.

The reason why you know of the popular authors is because they’ve implemented these 3 strategies. Sure, there’s more – but start here and I can guarantee you’ll see an increase of interest in your author brand. When you know who will be interested in reading your book, you know how to talk to them and you’re not afraid to invest a coin or two into connecting with them – you’ll be one step further on the ladder of success.

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