3 Ways to Build Your Author Brand

As an aspiring author, your focus at the beginning of your literary career should be on building and establishing your author brand. Your brand is the bridge that will connect your book to your ideal readers. Without a strong brand presence, you’ll have a really hard time selling books on a consistent basis. If you skipped this step before publishing your book, no worries. But I will advise that you start implementing strategies to develop and position your author brand in the marketplace. The stronger your brand presence, the more books you’ll sell.

So, why does an author even need a brand? Because your readers want to feel connected to you. When potential and existing readers feel as if they know you, they’ll be excited and eager to buy your books when they’re launched. Think about it: why do you shop at certain stores? Because you can relate to them. Whether it’s the culture or the price, you feel as if they understand you. Same thing applies to being an author.

So, how does one get started with building a brand? Here are three ways to build the foundation of your author brand.

Clearly define your signature message. When your ideal reader is clear about what type of content that you write, it’ll be easier for them to recognize you in a sea of other authors. Make it easy for your target audience to find your book by crafting a message that speaks directly to them.

Develop your visual brand. Make sure that you have a professional website and logo, colors that represents your message, a signature quote or phrase, and a strong social media presence. Your visual brand will be the first thing to capture your ideal reader’s attention, so make a great first impression.

Connect with your readers. Engage with your readers by creating thought-provoking social media posts, intriguing blog posts, and sharing your content through email marketing. Don’t solely focus on promoting your book. Share your favorite quotes, funny jokes, or relatable memes. Show them why they should be interested in your author brand.

The foundation of your brand must reflect who you are as an author. The reason you’re building a brand is so that you can connect with the people who will be most impacted or intrigued with your book. Be authentic, have fun, and stay consistent. Once you start showing up for your tribe, they’ll want to see you on a regular basis. Make a plan, schedule your engagements, and be you!

If you need help with generating ideas for building your brand, book a coaching session with me here.

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