3 Ways to Get Your Content Noticed

Content creation is one of the most important aspects of any business, brand, or platform. Without it, you won’t get very far on your efforts to achieving success. A potential client or customer can immediately connect with you based off the content you share. This also can be the very thing that pushes a client away. It’s not only crucial to create good content, but the right content.

So, what exactly is content and why do entrepreneurs and visionaries need to create it? Content is information that can be shared by way of speaking, literary work, or a digital medium. It is a message intended to be received by individuals who can benefit from it. And why do you as a creative entrepreneur or visionary need it: because it’s what attracts your tribe to your business, brand, or platform.

Choosing the Right Format

One of my favorite things about content creation is that it can be done in many different forms. While there is a wrong way to go about creating and sharing content, there is no wrong way or limit on your level of creativity and unique way of sharing it.

Thanks to technology, we now have multiple ways of getting out content into the marketplace, on and off line. The best way to determine which path is best for you and your passion is to find out where you ideal client spends their time. Some key ways to learn this is by asking questions: How do they like to receive content? Which method resonates with them more? Once you discover this key, you can create content specific to their need and deliver it to them in the vehicle that they’re most attracted to.

What Are Your Options?

I’ve found that there are three main ways to share content that can grab the attention of your tribe. You can either write content, share content on social media, or host a live event. Depending on the nature of your business, brand, or platform, focus on selecting one format that works for you and work it! Feel free to incorporate other forms; however, it’s always best to stick with what works for your platform.

Written Content

There are so many ways to share written content and I love it! This is by far one of the most stable and consistent ways of getting your content in front of the right people. It’s also the most prolific. How many people have you connected to from reading something that grabbed your attention? Right! Here are the most popular ways to share written content:

· Blog posts

· Books

· E-books

· Email marketing campaigns

· Newsletters

· Magazine articles

Digital Content

While people love to read, they also love to watch and/or listen to content as well. This format is best for the chatty Cathy’s of the world (like me, hehe). Live streaming is one of the most popular and quickest ways to provide your tribe with some great content. All you have to do is clear your throat, press record, smile, and let the content flow from your lips. Here are the most popular platforms for sharing digital content:

· Periscope

· Facebook Live

· Snapchat

· Instagram Live

· YouTube

· Webinars

· Audio books

Live Events

What do all people have in common? Connecting! We love to gather, laugh, talk and share information with each other. Facilitating a live event is one of the most fun ways of sharing content – through speaking. While this may be the most costly way of getting content to your tribe, it’s also one of, if not the most, interactive and effective ways of connecting with like-minded individuals. Here are the most popular types of events you can host:

· Workshops

· Mastermind groups

· Intensives

· Boot camps

· Retreats

· Conferences

· Seminars

· Symposiums

Content creation doesn’t have to be boring or dull. It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out, either. There are plenty of ways to share your expertise as well as many ways to find your target audience in a way that brings life to you passion. With a little research, proofreading, good editing, and impactful lessons to share, your content should bring in the customers and clients you’ll ideally want to serve in no time.

So, now that you see the importance of creating content and now know multiples ways to make it happen, which format will you utilize?

Not sure? Schedule your free consultation with me today so we can develop a strategy that’s best for you, your passion, and your tribe! www.chocolatereadings.com

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