3 Ways to Monetize Your Message

So! Let’s talk literary strategies.

Before I published my first book I had no clue how to go about being a successful author. All I knew is that being a best-selling author was a huge accomplishment and I wanted in! Now that I’ve been in the publishing industry for close to ten years, I’ve learned that becoming a best-selling author has changed and doesn’t necessarily hold the same weight it did years ago. Sure, it’s still a great accomplishment, but not as hard to achieve if you have the right tools and content. (I’ll talk more about that in the near future).

You see, with self-publishing being the wave now, it’s a lot easier to become a best-seller, well, at least according to Amazon sales. I also know that just because someone has that title under their belt doesn’t mean that they’re generating money. I know quite a few Amazon best-selling authors that still work a 9-5.

So how do authors actually make money? Glad you wanna know! Below are three ways that authors make money from their books. Speaking engagements. Your book should be more than just a story. It should be a solution to someone’s problem, even if it’s fiction. Find three nuggets from your content and develop them into speaking topics so that you can book speaking engagements. Group coaching programs. Most coaching programs were developed from someone’s personal experiences. They wrote down all of the issues they experienced, and now teach others the strategies that they used to overcome that issue. You already have the content, re-purpose it and turn it into a program. Workshops and conferences. If you’ve already written a book or have the solution to a major problem that your target audience is facing, create a signature workshop or conference that provides the solution in an intimate setting. This will also give you the opportunity to promote your book in depth. Have you considered any of these options to publicize your book and platform? You definitely should make one of these a 90-day goal. I’ve had the opportunity of doing 2 out of 3 and am currently working on the 3rd option for next year.

If you have any questions on how to make any of these options happen, scheduled a free 30 minute chat here to learn how I can help you prepare for the next step in your literary career. By the end of the year you can be putting the finishing touches on your new coaching program, workshop, or booking your next speaking engagement. Dope, right?!

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