4 Points of Publicity

There are many different components that an author needs to achieve literary success. One of them is publicity. Publicity is usually associated with celebrities, but it’s a tool for entrepreneurs, and authorpreneurs, as well. So publicity: what exactly does that word mean? Well, it’s a mixture of four key elements that you’ll need to implement as you’re building your career as an author. Its main definition is being noticed by someone in the media or local press. However, before you can get noticed or recognition from the media or press, you’ll need to have the follow elements in place.


As an author, when building a brand, you have to develop a strong sense of who you are as a writer and display it to your readers. Whether it’s online or offline, when people hear your name, key words should come to mind. Branding is about putting your stamp on everything that you do, write, or talk about. It’s how your readers will connect with you.


I know that most authors confuse marketing with promotion, but today I want you to stop being one of those authors! Marketing isn’t about telling people to buy your book, it’s about the way that you tell them to buy your book. It’s having a targeted audience in place and strategically informing them about your book in a way that persuades them to buy it.


Now, promotion is about sharing your book with your target audience. It’s how you will inform your readers where and how to buy your book. So, before you encourage people to buy your book, you first have to define your target market. Once you have a great marketing strategy in place, then you promote to your market. Make sense?


Now that you’ve branded yourself, developed your marketing strategy, and are promoting to your target audience, it’s time to level up! You can now position your platform in front of the right people by garnering publicity for your brand. You noticed I didn’t say book, but brand. Why? Because people will buy your book simply because they’re vested in your brand. If you have an impactful brand, you’ll sell books. Period.

Okay, can we have a truth moment? When you decided to write a book you had no clue that it was a business, huh? Yeah, me either! I learned everything that I needed to know later in my journey. However, once I learned what I needed to get the success I was chasing, some amazing things begin to happen. And I want to teach you how to do the same, without having to take the long route that I took.

I created Chocolate Readings for authors who are in my old footsteps. You have the desire, but maybe not the coins and you’re overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start. I get it, and I’m here to support you in any and every way possible.

Having said that: I have a few new coaching sessions that I created to help authors level up. If you need assistance with writing your book, launching your book, or branding your signature message so that you can not only impact, but also make money from your book set up a consultation here so that we can decide together on how I can further serve you on your author journey.

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