Book Summary vs Book Synopsis

When it comes time to promoting your book, you’ll need to create a LOT of marketing content. Two types of content that every author will need to create is a book summary and a book synopsis. While these two may seem like they’re the same thing, they’re not. Let’s break these terms down Literary Homies!

A book summary is a brief overview of your book. It’s designed to help readers get a quick glimpse of what your book is about before they buy it. It usually goes on the back of your book, or inside the jacket cover (if it’s a hardback); you’ll also see the book summary listed online on sites such as Amazon, Kindle, or Barnes and Noble. Your book summary should be a minimum of four sentences, and it should be strictly about the book.

A book synopsis is a more in depth explanation of your book. A synopsis is all about summarizing each chapter of your book to give readers a better understanding of your story line. Your synopsis is an extended outline of your story, and is used to hook literary agents, publishers, book reviewers, bloggers, etc. The easiest way to create a synopsis is to write one to two sentences about each chapter and combine them together.

The most common of the two is a book summary. Again, this is what will hook your potential readers. What you don’t want to include in a book summary is info about you. Save that for your bio. Your book summary content should be just for what it implies: your book. Remember, you only get one shot to impress a new reader. Make sure that your book summary is enticing, interesting, and easy to understand.

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