Brand Your Author Platform Without Speaking

Updated: May 27, 2020

I had a consultation with a potential client who told me that other publishing companies that she's consulted with asked if she was open to being a speaker. She said no. I smiled as I listened to her explain why she doesn't want to speak.

Basically she's shy.

She wasn't sure what speaking had to do with her book. I explained to her the reason she was asked about being open to speaking, is because that's one of the main paths authors have to take in order to sell books. Speaking allows authors to organically build their brand and increase their readership. Readers want to feel connected to authors. The only way to connect with potential readers is through words.

If you aspire to inspire the masses, at some point on your author journey, you'll have to speak. This is why you see authors go on book tours, have their own events, etc. It's all a part of branding their platform and selling their book.

So what does branding have to do with speaking? When you're building your brand, you'll create a signature topic (or three) and will use said topic(s) to connect with your readers. The message that you convey will represent who you are as an author. You'll eventually be known for the author and speaker that does (fill in the blank). And that's branding.

Now, while I encourage you to speak, you don't have to if you're intimidated by public speaking. There are other ways you can promote your author brand and increase your book sales. Here are three ways you can brand yourself without speaking:

1. Create a blog. Your blog is a virtual publication that allows your to share your voice. Over 100 million people read blogs. 61% of people will make a purchase from a blog post. What does this mean for you? As an author, you can create blogs to promote your book, which in turn will increase your book sales.

2. Create a virtual training video. So many people don't have money or time to attend live events and prefer to digest information online. This is perfect for someone who doesn't want to speak in public. You can record yourself and give your target audience access to your content.

3. Create an online community. One of my favorite ways to connect with my target audience is through my Facebook group for authors. I'm able to provide techniques and strategies without having to use my voice. I post videos from time to time, but the value I offer to the group is shared through posts.

So! There you have it. Three ways to help you brand yourself if you're not ready to speak. Remember, branding is the bridge that will increase your book sales. It's how potential readers will find out about your book. Be sure to focus on building a brand that will help you sell books.

Need help with creating a plan of action? Schedule the Build Your Author Brand strategy session here, and I'll teach you how to use your brand to sell more books.

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