Do I Really Need a Media Kit?

When it comes to marketing your book, there are a LOT of tools that you'll need to help spread the word about your new book. One of the tools you can use, which happens to be one of my fav's, is a Media Kit.

A Media Kit (commonly referred to as a Press Kit) is a digital document that provides in depth information about an author. The document is distributed to local, regional, and national media outlets, as well as newspaper, television, radio, and booksellers for publicity. It’s primarily used to to bring exposure to your book and author platform. It's also a great tool to submit to organizations that you share a similar vision with, so that you can book engagements such as speaking, readings, and signings.

So, what exactly can be found in a Media Kit:

+ Author Bio

+ Book Synopsis

+ Press Release

+ Book Excerpt

+ Interview Questions

+ Contact Information

+ Shell Sheet

+ Photos

When you're promoting your book, you want to make sure that you share as much information about your book, and your author platform, as possible. Your target audience will have questions about your book, as well as who YOU are as an author. A Media Kit simply makes it easier to do this.

So - is this kit really necessary?

Yes, and here's why. When you present yourself to the media and organizations, you want to show them that you're serious about your book and your author brand. When you have tools such as a Media Kit, it sets you apart from the competition. Your Media Kit is your literary resume. It's your chance to shoot your shot, connect with new readers, and get exposure to an audience that will be interested in your book.

So, yes. You a Media Kit for authors is necessary!

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