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I have a lot of consultations with aspiring authors and one of the questions they often ask about is the process of becoming a best-seller or about other successful authors I've worked with. And here's the deal:

1. Not everyone defines success the same way. One author may view being successful as selling 1,000 copies of their book on a monthly bases vs. another author viewing success as simply accomplishing their publishing goal and using their book to get speaking engagements.

2. Not everyone is a best-seller because they wrote/published a good book. There is an unethical way that a lot of authors have made the Amazon best-sellers list. Also, becoming a true best-seller doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and a really great marketing strategy.

3. Your goal as a new author should include being a trailblazer. Sure, success leaves clues, but you can also be successful by blazing your own path. Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself to get accolades. Focus on writing a really dope book.

Aspiring authors, please keep in mind that your literary journey will not be the same as others. You have to keep in mind that a lot of high-selling books are due to the genre and/or brand of the author. You can't compare a yourself to a best-selling children's book and you're writing about being a broken divorcee. Those are two different readers, with two different strategies to get sales.

While I know that you have a story and you're extremely passionate about it, if your goal is to become a best-seller I recommend checking out what readers are interested in before you publish your book. And after you build a loyal fan of readers, then publish your passion book.

If you're not concerned with labels and online recognition (as you shouldn't be), focus on building your author brand, write your amazing, impactful book, and launch it like a pro!

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