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One of the things I love about people is our ability to be creative. God truly showed out when He gave us the gift of creativity. When you take the time to truly tap into your mind, you can produce some pretty eccentric things. And let me tell you! There is absolutely nothing more creative and eccentric than the book concept from my latest Friday Feature. I tell people all of the time, you can write a book about anything, as long as it's interesting, empowering, and/or entertaining. Author Ayana Gallow has managed to include all three of these traits in her new book, God & Hip Hop 21 Day Biblical Devotional Inspired by Hip Hop.

The unique and catchy title tells readers immediately what to expect. Well, does it? Hmmm. The ever so quirky book was written to inspire readers to live an abundant life by overcoming internal battles through self reflection and a closer relationship with God.

God & Hip Hop encourages readers to develop a closer relationship with God by applying the Bible to every day struggles that are discussed in Hip Hop music. The intriguing read connects the Word of God and the Hip Hop culture to foster growth and success.

Although Ayanna has studied Christianity principles for over 15 years, she didn't always feel a spiritual connection to God. When she was younger, she related more to music. She found a way to merge her interest in growing her relationship with God and her love of music as a way to draw closer to her Creator. She shares those strategies throughout the pages of her book.

As a Christian myself, I can definitely relate to music being the path that grew my interest in having a relationship with God. I like to think Kirk Franklin was the first to fuse the sound of "secular" music with gospel. While most may have something negative to say about this trend, I think it's pretty genius. Ayanna definitely is on to something with this book!

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