Friday Feature: Author JC Riojas

I met JC Riojas on Facebook in a business group for women, and we quickly got acquainted over the topic of writing. She eventually joined my Author Accountability Group, and there is where I was able to learn more about her journey as a writer. I've had the pleasure of reading her book while in the editing phase, and I was very impressed with the content.

One of the things I love about being a Writing Coach is that I get to read amazing content, which always give me deeper insight on topics I never thought to explore. As a single mom myself, I would have never thought to apply the principals in the manner that JC discusses in her new book, CoParent With Heart.

There are so many people who have to co-parent, and have no clue how to do this without it being difficult. JC shows us that co-parenting doesn't have to be strenuous. If we take the time to address important matters, learn how to effectively communicate with our exes, co-parenting can be a positive and rewarding experience for all parties involved.

CoParent with Heart was written for those who are parenting together post a break-up. Riojas uses mindfulness and Buddhist principles to guide co-parents in various aspects of getting along peacefully. Riojas believes that the relationship between parents is the foundation for raising healthy children, because only when the parents are getting along well, can they truly focus on raising healthy and happy children.

JC Riojas has been co-parenting for more than a decade now. Her experience is what makes her content impactful and useful. The strategies she includes in her book are practical and easy to implement. I highly recommend reading this book if you struggle with positively communicating with your ex. It will help you see the importance of co-parenting, and help you contribute in a more positive way.

You can grab a copy of CoParent with Heart by visiting

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