Friday Feature: Author Shantay Carter

I just love meeting authors and hearing about their unique stories. We all experience many of the same things, but rarely talk about them. From relationships, to traumatic experiences, to careers - we can all be inspired by someone else's story. It's so important for us to share the ups and downs of our journey's to motivate each other.

This is exactly what Shantay Carter did.

Shantay is a Registered Nurse, The Founder of Women Of Integrity Inc., and she's also the Best Selling Author of Destined For Greatness. Destined For Greatness is a book written by Shantay and nine co-authors. The book talks about turning your pain into your power,  which will lead you to your purpose. Each contributing writer gives readers a different perspective on how they accomplished their goals and triumphed through life.

Finding your passion in life can be frustrating, and may cause you to throw in the towel. Destined for Greatness reminds you of why you should stay focused on your goals, in spite of the many curve balls life will throw your way. Shantay and her contributing authors share their experience of searching for purpose to fuel their greatness, despite being broken and wounded. Each author hopes to inspire other women who are in the same boat, but ready to take that leap of faith into the waters of success.

While Destined for Greatness focuses on the journey to achieving success as a nurse, the lessons in this powerful book can be applied to all areas of life.

Destined for Greatness is about rendering experience as successful businesswomen and nurses. Ten women present this motivational collection of real-life experiences of juggling double careers. Written with honest and engaging prose, it is full of personal stories intended to encourage readers to pursue life with purpose, follow their dreams, and achieve their set goals. Both spiritual and practical, this inspirational book combines modern nursing and entrepreneurial knowledge with success secrets to create distinctive, valuable insights. It reveals the raw, often sightless, journey of success and serves as a stimulus for people striving for personal growth and professional independence.

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