Friday Feature: Author A. Marie Davis

I'm excited to feature this amazing soul as my first Friday Feature! I had the pleasure of working with A. Marie on her debut book, My Complete 180. Her story is so powerful and moving - she's a true inspiration!

A. Marie Davis is a Licensed Social Worker and Transformational Mindset Coach who has been impacting lives for close to 20 years. After surviving abuse of all kinds in a long-term relationship and losing everything because of it, God used that experience along with her passion for changing the lives of others to create her Life Enhancement and Personal Transformation business - My Complete 180.

Life can take you around in circles if you let it. My Complete 180 will inspire and empower you to take your own journey of creating the person you’ve held yourself back from becoming. 

The 3 Simple Strategies - Admit, Assess, Address discussed in this impactful read can be applied to any situation where you need to take a look back, reassess your life, and be ready to take action. Sustainable change is possible!

Travel with A. Marie Davis on the winding roads she took to find her Complete 180. Through her pain, she found her purpose and that is to show you, the reader, how possible it is to transform your life, even when the cards are stacked up against you.

You can visit to learn more about this amazing author and purchase your copy of My Complete 180!

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