Marketing Your Book with Ease

So, there's a HUGE elephant in the literary room when it comes to talking about how authors are consistently generating money from book sales. How about we address that in today’s blog post?

Here’s the deal: authors don’t want to feel as if they are asking people for money, but they want to sell books. Yep, a MAJOR catch 22! But I get it. It can be a little intimidating to ask people to purchase a copy of your book when you're just starting out. Been there, done that. However, what I've learned on my author journey is that if you have a book that impacts, influences, or inspires a target audience, the book will practically sell itself. That is, if you have a clear and powerful marketing message, and a strong author brand presence.

Rather than focus on making money from your books, focus on creating content that makes readers want to buy your book. Focus on being an expert on the topic of your book. Become a person of influence, inspire your readers, make an impact in your community – on and offline.

Don't use the 'buy my book' approach when marketing and promoting your book. That’s annoying. No one likes it when they go into a store and the salesclerk is shoving an item in their face asking them to try it. And readers don’t want you to shove your book in their face asking them to read it. Instead, identify who is the perfect reader for your book. Connect with your readers before the book is published. Build a rapport during your book launch process. Inform your target audience of the results they'll receive after purchasing your book. They’ll be hooked and will be ready to invest in your book.

Now, it'll take time for you to perfect this, but as they say: practice makes perfect. So work on engaging with your target audience so when your book is published, you won't feel pressure about your sales.

And FYI: if you consistently create content that impacts, inspires, and influences your target audience - you'll make way more money from the other opportunities creating that type of content will lead you to, not just book sales.

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