The Editing Process

Okay, so I wanted to talk to you all about what the editing process is truly like. It's not necessarily a fun process because you are basically turning in your passion project to be slaughtered and mended before being published. So! When you turn your manuscript over to your editor, here a few different things that will (or should) happen.

They will question the title and subtitles for your manuscript and chapters. Keep in mind that when you're working with an editor, they are viewing your manuscript from a different perspective. I know that your content is near and dear to your heart, but the point of hiring an editor is so that they can dissect and polish the content that you wrote. Now, editing is not changing your story. This process is simply evaluating and elevating what you already submitted.

An editor will provide constructive criticism. The feedback may sting a little because you put your all into your first draft and here comes this person telling you that you need to change this or that. And yes, there will be many drafts until your final manuscript is completed. This person will honestly tell you about the flow of the book, as well as if the content aligns with the synopsis/theme of the book. Again, this does not mean the editor is responsible for changing your story. They are merely providing feedback. You will make the final decision to change your story or not.

Your editor is not perfect. Please don't put pressure on your editor while they are working on your manuscript. They're human ya know! 🙂 Sure, you may find a few errors during the process, but be confident that your editor will turn in grade A work when the process is final and complete. Keep in mind, there will be several drafts before the manuscript is considered done. Also, most editors have proofreaders who will read your story to catch additional errors. I also encourage you to get a fresh pair of eyes to proofread on your end as well.

Be flexible with your editor. Turnaround times can fluctuate. Don't take this personal. This person more than likely has several projects that they're working on. This doesn't mean that they can't handle yours, there's just an hierarchy that needs to be followed.

I hope these tips are helpful to those of you who are stepping into or currently in this process. While editors can be pricey, you'll need to invest the coins if you want a polished and professional manuscript.

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