The Truth About Being An Author

So these days, it's really easy for anyone to publish a book. You find a Print-on-Demand company, upload your manuscript and book cover and then BOOM! You're an author....

Or are you?

Okay, here's the deal - there is a difference between wanting to tell your story and wanting to be an author. A lot of people want to tell their story and they put time, energy, and money into publishing a book and become frustrated when people aren't buying their books. Truth is - you probably weren't called to be an author.

See, an author isn't someone who just writes a book. An author is someone who uses their experience, wisdom, or expertise to create a platform that will inspire, impact, or influence a specific group of people. An author understands that their book is a tool that will open the door to other opportunities. Authors learn how to use their book to generate income by re-purposing their content so they can reach their target audience on different levels.

Listen, I know this isn't popular to say, but I'm gonna say it: everyone is not meant to be an author. No matter how interesting or intriguing you may feel your story is, that doesn't mean that you should write a book.

Now, if you do want to share your story and believe you should be an author, I would recommend starting with a blog to test the waters. Learn about branding, marketing, and the right way to build a platform. Do your research about what it truly means to be an author so you can avoid wasting your time, energy and your money, as well as avoid getting your feelings hurt.

So, how can you find out if being an author is for you? Join author groups, reach out to other authors and see if they'd be open to discussing the process.

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