Why You Need a Blog

Okay! So today I want to talk about blogging. I want to touch on why you should have one and four ways you can get your blog poppin’.

I personally believe that every author, aspiring, new or seasoned, should have a blog. Your blog will show potential readers two things: the content you write and your writing style. No matter how dope of a writer you are, your book isn't for everyone. Not everyone will connect with your style of writing, and that's okay. Having a blog will allow potential readers to determine if it's worth the investment to buy your book. It's also a great way to build your mailing list. (You DO have a mailing list, right?)

The main reason every author should have a blog is because it's a great way to build readership. If someone enjoys your blog posts, they're more likely to buy your books when you launch them.

You may think, “What in the world can I say on a blog post?” A LOT!

Here are four ways that you can keep your blog interesting:

1. If you’re book is already published, share a short excerpt. Talk about why the excerpt you chose is relevant in that moment.

2. If you’re book is not published, share why you’re writing a book and how it will be useful for your potential readers.

3. Share your experience writing your first book. This is a great way to connect with your target audience.

4. Share your favorite quote and 3 ways it’s helped you grow or evolve. Doing this will show your readers that you’re relatable.

There are plenty of other topics you can talk about on your blog. Remember, as an author, you want to position yourself as the expert in your field or genre. Having a blog will do this. You can also interview other people that share the same genre/core message as you. There’s a plethora of ways! Do your research!

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