The process of becoming an author requires dedication, time, and learning new skills. Because there are so many steps, most first-time authors struggle with the process or make tons of mistakes. When you partner with Chocolate Readings, you'll learn the necessary strategies needed to launch your book to the right readers without feeling overwhelmed. You'll learn the fundamentals of Social Media, how to build an author brand, and proven methods to successfully launch and sell your book. Our coaching sessions are designed to reduce your frustration and equip you to become a successful and knowledgeable author. 


To better serve our clients, we offer two packages to meet the needs of our clients. While the Standard Package solely focuses on publishing, the VIP Package includes branding + marketing.

Our ideal client already has their book written, and is ready to jump into the editing and launch phase within 90 days. This client also wants to learn how to turn their book into a profitable brand using their book content.


Both packages will help you launch a well-written and polished book like a pro as a first-time author. 



​Standard Publishing Package includes:

  • Paperback + E-book distribution on Amazon and Kindle 

  • Professional Editing 

  • Copyright Registration Assistance 

  • Personalized ISBN Number

  • Custom Book Cover Design

  • Book Announcement Flyer

  • Book Launch Preparation

  • Author Sales Page

  • Author Media Kit

  • Weekly Strategy Sessions

  • 90-Day Launch

Investment: $1,950

​VIP Publishing Package includes:

  • Paperback + E-book distribution on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble online, Kobo, Nook, and Apple Books 

  • Professional Editing 

  • Copyright Registration Assistance 

  • Personalized ISBN Number

  • Custom Book Cover Design

  • Book Promotional Tools

  • Book Launch Preparation

  • Develop Your Author Brand

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing Campaign

  • Custom Author Website

  • Develop Your Signature Program

  • Author Media Kit

  • Book Launch Support

  • Virtual Book Tour

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • 6-Month Program

Investment $3,900

Publishing your own book but need help with your launch? Check out the Authorpreneur Package.

Authorpreneur Package is best for authors who plan to self-publish and have already written their book and are ready to edit and launch their book within the next 90 days.


If you plan to publish your own book, design your own cover, purchase your own ISBN, hire a professional editor, but need assistance with learning how to successfully market and promote your book - this is the right package for you.


​Authorpreneur Package includes:

  • Self-Publishing Training

  • Author Sales Page 

  • Presale Campaign

  • Book Launch Support

  • Access to Authorpreneur Academy portal 

  • 4 Coaching Sessions 

  • 90 Day Launch Plan

Investment: $997

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