Qualified to Reign

Memoirs of a Resilient Queen

So many women struggle with finding their inner queen because they’ve experienced a past life that made them believe that they don’t qualify for royal treatment. They’ve allowed heartache, disappointment, setbacks, abuse, rejection, depression, and abandonment to make them feel as though they are not worthy of living a life filled with divine blessings.

In 1 Peter 2:9, the Bible tells us that we’re a part of a royal priesthood, chosen by God. This means we have access to abundance, love, joy, and prosperity. Unfortunately, some women have forgotten that they’re queens because they’ve lost their crown somewhere along their journey.

Qualified to Reign: Memoirs of a Resilient Queen is a collection of powerful stories written to show women how to intentionally build a relationship with God, pick up their crowns and boldly pursue their purpose. After reading this inspirational guide, women will learn how to:

+ Allow God to heal their spirits and shift their mindset
+ Forgive themselves, and others who tainted their crowns
+ Position themselves in God’s Kingdom
+ Confidently show up in the world as the queen they were born to be

Eight women share how their determination, faith in God, and resilience pushed them from their rock bottom pits into their God-assigned purpose. Filled with life-changing narratives, and faith-based strategies, readers can expect to learn how they too can bounce back from defeat, become resilient, and lead a life that puts a smile on God’s face.

About the Contributors

Eight purpose-driven queens boldly share their journey as they fought, cried, and prayed their way through drama, turmoil, heartache, and pain. Rather than just let life keep them down, these eight souls decided to allow God to mold them into a new vessel, and give them back their crowns so that they can rule and reign on their personal thrones.

Jessica LeeAnn

Angela Robertson

Chelle Keith

Callandra Smith

Hope Marr

La Toya Braxton

Misha Hammer

Veronica Matthews

When you purchase a copy of Qualified to Reign (Paperback or e-Book) as my gift and appreciation, you'll receive access to the Qualified to Reign digital course & interactive workbook. You'll also get access to the Women's Empowerment Facebook Group, All Things New.



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