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Hey There Literary Homie!

If you’re visiting this page, you know that I’m celebrating 3 years of living in Texas. Great things have transpired since my big move and I just want to show some gratitude by hooking up aspiring, first-time, & self-published authors with affordable resources and tools to establish or grow their platform.


So for the remainder of July, I’ll be adding some amazing digital products at a very discounted price to share the excitement for the new things headed to the Chocolate Readings brand.


This month-long sale is called the Relocation Celebration and here are the courses and trainings I'll be launching in the coming weeks:

  • The Bestseller’s Blueprint Digital Course. Learn the exact steps myself and my clients use to land on Amazon’s bestsellers list. (All of my clients that have published books this year have used this strategy and have landed bestseller status in multiple genres. You don’t want to miss this!)

  • Email Marketing for Authors Digital Course. Ever wonder how your favorite authors stay on top? They’ve mastered building relationships with their readers through email marketing. I’ll be showing you how to set up your email marketing campaign to grow your readership.

  • Social Media Marketing Digital Course. Digital Marketing is by far the most important aspect of selling anything in today’s world, including books. I know that social media can be a little intimidating, so in this course, I teach authors how to build a solid and authentic social media platform that allows them to easily and confidently promote their books.  

  • The Author Brand Starter Kit. In this interactive training course, authors will learn how to build, grow, & manage their own brand without having to spend a lot of time (or money). You’ll learn how to build your own website, sell your own books, and how to turn your book into paid opportunities.

  • Self-Publishing Bootcamp. Plan to publish multiple books and want the exact blueprint? Maybe you plan to start your own publishing company, and need guidance on getting started. Stay tuned for more details. This 6-week training program will be launching in September 2021.


Are you excited about these upcoming courses and trainings?


Hope so! I’m excited to share them with you!

The Bestseller’s Blueprint Digital Course

In this 4-part training, authors can expect to learn the exact steps to land on Amazon’s bestsellers list. Each module explains what you’ll need to acquire to successfully launch your first (or next) book. 


Module One 

Book Launch 101

Before you can become a bestselling author, let’s discuss what it takes to make this possible. In this module, you’ll learn exactly what a book launch is, the difference between a book launch and a book release, as well as why you need to take this step before launching your book. 


Module Three

Finding The Right Readers

You can’t get on the bestseller list if you don’t let your target audience know that your book will soon be launching. Don’t make the common mistake of assuming that your book is for everyone. In this module, authors will learn a very important tactic to find the perfect people to buy their book.

Module Two

Build Your Book Promo Team

The secret sauce to landing on the bestseller’s list is to have support. The more hands-on-deck to help you promote your book, the better. In this module, authors will learn what a Book Promo Team is as well as how to successfully recruit the right people.


Module Four

How to Become A Bestseller

There's a strategy for anything successful, including being a bestselling author. You’ve learned what it means to be a bestselling author, let’s learn what it takes. In this interactive module, authors will learn a fail-proof strategy to become a bestselling author.

Each module is accompanied by exercises and resources. In addition to getting immediate access to 4 training videos, you’ll also get the Ultimate Bestseller’s Blueprint Training Guide which includes exercises, resources, & templates.

Who is this course for? This exclusive training is great for:

  • Aspiring authors who plan to launch a book within 90-120 days.

  • Authors who plan to self-publish and need help planning their book launch

  • First-time authors that want to re-release their book

  • Self-Publishing Consultants that want to help their clients become bestselling authors

Your investment: $97


Ready to add ‘bestselling author’ to your name? 


Grab this course and confidently launch (or re-launch) your book as a bestseller!


Meet Your Trainer

Jessica LeeAnn is a 5x Bestselling Author, Author Coach, and Brand Strategist. She’s been writing for over 15 years and has published 15 books. 

While Jessica enjoys writing her own books, she is passionate about teaching Black women how to successfully write and publish their books, as well as build their signature and unique author brands from scratch. 

To date, Jessica has worked with over 300 authors, visionaries, and influencers.