She Reigns

Memoirs of a Purpose-Driven Queen

So many women go through life-changing situations and feel tied down and ashamed of their past. Going forward, it’s our responsibility as women to change this narrative. She Reigns is a collection of powerful stories and poems told by women who decided to use their traumatic experiences to build purposeful businesses, ministries, and empowerment brands. As the Word of God says, we are overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony. Each contributing writer shares how God used their rock bottom moments to build impactful communities that allows them to serve other girls, teens, and women alike. 

You can either have a woe-is-me mentality. Or you can choose to pick up your crown, rock it confidently and be a queen with a purpose. These women chose to purposefully rock their crowns. 

Upon experiencing each story, you’ll be inspired to seek God for yourself to get the blueprint on how you too can pursue your purpose with drive, power, and royal confidence.

About the Contributors

Ten purpose-driven queens boldly share their journey as they fought, cried, and prayed their way through drama, turmoil, heartache, and pain. Rather than just let life keep them down, these nine souls decided to allow God to mold them into a new vessel, and give them back their crowns, so that they can rule and reign on their personal thrones.

Jessica LeeAnn

Natashia Bobbit

Terri Floyd

Danielle Mullins

Grace Austine

Chris Lashe

Shundilyn Smith

Shaleea Venney

Orlaundra Rigby-Prior

Jacqueline Corley

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