Black Girls Are Magical

Jessica is passionate about creating characters that positively reflects black girls and teens. Her books inspire and empower black girls to embrace their unique beauty and to follow their dreams. 

Melanie the Melanin Queen

Melanie the Melanin Queen is an inspirational coming of age story written to encourage black girls to embrace their unique beauty.

The character in this book deals with being bullied, which affects her self-esteem and confidence. After finding a model on Instagram who embraces her dark brown skin, Melanie is inspired to do the same. She decides that she's not going to let her peers define what beauty means to her.

Melanie starts an empowerment movement that educates students on why her skin is so dark. This movement takes a life of its own and Melanie becomes the queen of all things melanin.


The Gonnabe's

Deja King, Trenise Hall, and Shauna Easley are new to Paradise Academy High. When the girls meet at freshman orientation, they vow to stick together during their first year of high school.

The girls quickly find out that they have more in common than they thought. They form a bond through sharing their talents of hair, fashion, and makeup. After they start a YouTube channel, the girls learn just how much of an impact their talents have on teen girls.

With navigating their way through high school, dealing with their annoying family members, and trying to enjoy their teen lives, the girls of The Gonnabe's take readers on an exciting and inspiring journey.


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