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In his debut book, The Cussing Pastor: Bullsh*t From The Pulpit, Thaddeus Matthews stays true to his form and delivers his truth just like he does his sermons and radio show topics: raw and uncut. You’ll learn more about the man behind his moniker, how he came to be The Cussing Pastor, and who he is off the air when he’s not putting morally corrupt people in their rightful places.


Known for going viral for using a few strong-choice words after talking about a passionate topic, the world was introduced to The Cussing Pastor. Sure, you may have heard him telling salacious stories about local politicians, or listened to him tell celebrities about themselves in a no-nonsense way, or possibly you’ve heard about his own sketchy past and cheating scandals. At the root of this Cussing Pastor is a heart that loves God. That will become very clear after diving into this juicy read.


Is his delivery unorthodox? Extremely!


Is there a message in the midst of his messy commentary? Absolutely.


After reading, The Cussing Pastor: Bullsh*t From The Pulpit, not only will you have a different understanding of Thaddeus Matthews but you will also have a better understanding of how to really serve God unapologetically.

Who is The Cussing Pastor?


Thaddeus Augustus Matthews was born in Memphis, TN. Known for being a controversial leader, Thaddeus is most passionate about empowering his community. As the pastor of Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries, he is unapologetically true to himself and confidently holds up to his title, The Cussing Pastor. Connect with Thaddeus

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The Cussing Pastor: Bullshit From The Pulpit will be available on February 19, 2021

$25 plus s&h

*All preorders for The Cussing Pastor: Bullsh*t From The Pulpit will be shipped on February 20, 2021. 

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